Bring order to Chaos - New shelves and boxes

Bring order to Chaos - New shelves and boxes

This post is part of a series in which we want to present some of our new and valuable material that we were able to procure due to a grant by Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt.

Since our move to Neu-Ulm, we are still partly living out of the moving boxes in which our materials had been stored for almost a year. At Weinhof, we were able to use the many built-in cabinets from the Sparkasse era to store our material. We had already procured some heavy-duty shelving and storage boxes at the end of 2021, which made it much easier for us to re-start operations, especially in the workshop, since September. Thanks to the DSEE funding, we have now been able to purchase additional industrial shelving, open-fronted storage boxes and storage crates, which we are using to gradually clear out the remaining moving boxes and organize our diverse material in a more accessible and clearer way.

We can now also sort things out in the backstage area: Where are the DI boxes, where are the XLR adapters and where are the things that do terrible things to HDMI?

Whether power supplies with different voltages for hardware projects, parts assortments for workshops or the event-related material backstage, everything can now have a defined and labeled place so that it can be found quickly when needed and returned to the right place after use.

Additionally, we were able to procure an extensive stock of personal storage boxes. This means that every active member can have a box in which they can temporarily store their own materials. Be it to put away current projects when not working on them, personal items, a pack of tea or even the cozy slippers one might like to wear around the house.

Order for personal items and projects!

For the personal storage boxes, we opted for classic gray Euronorm containers measuring 40cm × 30cm × 22cm. This is a good compromise between enough space and not too much space. After all, the current 64 crates also need to be stored somewhere. Even on over 1000 square meters, space can get tight. And, let’s be honest, a big box quickly means a big mess.

Fluepdot seems happy, too

At the moment, each person is designing their own label, but maybe in the near future there will also be a common, chic, yet customizable label design. The main thing right now is that we are organized chaotically, as we have been from the beginning, but we organize our chaos wherever we can.