LokaliCon, the meetup of Wikipedia Community Spaces in Neu-Ulm

LokaliCon, the meetup of Wikipedia Community Spaces in Neu-Ulm

From March 22 to 24, more than 20 Wikipedia volunteers from Berlin, Fürth, Hanover, Munich and Neu-Ulm are meeting for a networking event at temporärhaus. They are all active in the Local Community Spaces spread across Germany, i.e. contact points in former stores within the city where they can work together with the respective urban community on Free Knowledge in Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Zwischenmoderation beim Praxisaustausch, wie die einzelnen Räume die örtliche Öffentlichkeit erreichen

Whether working on Wikipedia articles on the city’s history, for drone photography or photo documentation of current events in the region as well as exciting old technology: All of this works much better and is more fun when you do it together. That’s why, since 2014, there are Local Community Spaces in now six large cities in Germany as networking locations for the local volunteering community. They are all financially supported by Wikimedia Deutschland.

Demonstration der Zeitreise-Bildslider aus Fürth auf unserer Bühne

For the first time, activists from the various spaces meet on this weekend for their own exchange mini-conference. And we are very pleased to be able to host a Wikimedia event again. From recruiting new talent to public relations work to very practical examples such as the impressive Time Shift Images from Fürth, which compare historical and current images of the same place and make them tangible.

Auf der Stickmaschine wird ein Hoodie mit dem Wikipedia-Ball bestickt

We have already been inspired by many beautiful examples that we would like to put into practice in the twin city. At this afternoon’s temporärhaus-erleben event, we were hopefully able to return the favor, for example with items of clothing personally embellished on the embroidery machine, which now feature a Wikipedia ball and other things. Tomorrow we will continue – and we hope that the goals we set ourselves beforehand will have been fully achieved :)

Die Post-it-Wand mit einem Teil der vorab festgehaltenen Wunschziele für das Wochenende

You can find photos of the workshop weekend in this Wikimedia Commons category!